The Ultimate Fall Playlist

Simi Rath ’26 in Arts | October 14, 2022

The Ultimate Fall Playlist!

“Dark Red” Album Cover Courtesy of Genius Lyrics |
“Dark Red”
As we welcome the striking hues of changing leaves around campus, Steve Lacy’s alt/indie hit, “Dark Red,” is the perfect complement to the fall season. Whether one has listened to this song one time or one hundred times, the lyrics’ hummable quality never diminishes. Like a warm fall flannel, Lacy’s instrumentals never clash despite the many layers present in his music.

“November” Album Cover Courtesy of Genius Lyrics |
The final month of fall is one of the most beautiful, and Tyler the Creator deeply expresses his unflinching appreciation of the month of November. His nostalgic lyrics reminisce about his past Novembers while honestly reflecting upon his present insecurities. For lovers of rap (and even haters of it), this song is sure to become a fall favorite.

“505” Album Cover Courtesy of Genius Lyrics |
In my opinion, this song is truly a multi-seasonal bop; however, I also feel that the gentle beats conjure images of fall evenings, hot apple cider, and cinnamon sticks. The ever-present theme of wanting to relive the magic of the past is enough to draw anyone to the Arctic Monkey’s emotional songs this fall.

“Cardigan” Album Cover Courtesy of Genius Lyrics |
No song is cozier than “Cardigan,” and that is simply a fact. In one of Taylor Swift’s deeper songs, every lyric carries significance and meaning that flawlessly pair with the gentle piano and other instrumentals. The warmth in her lyrics allows for an immersive listening experience that tells a story, one of Swift’s songwriting superpowers.

“1979” Album Cover Courtesy of Genius Lyrics |
The Smashing Pumpkins’s song “1979” terrifically matches the fall mood in every aspect, from its ten-out-of-ten instrumentals to the band name of its talented creators. An oldie but a goodie, the melody is even sweeter than any trick-or-treating haul. This song reminds us to acknowledge the beauty of the present moment instead of worrying too much about the future.

“Yellow” Album Cover Courtesy of Genius Lyrics
If you have never warranted this Coldplay hit a listen, you are (in the kindest way possible) a mildly flawed human being. Arguably Coldplay’s most iconic song, “Yellow” blends strong electric and bass guitars with its powerful message.