IV Form Voices Night

Angel Xin ’26 in Arts | May 26, 2024

          The IV Form Voices Night is an annual event that celebrates personal essays written by IV Formers in the mandatory Essay Writing course. Kathlynn Yao ’25 described why she wanted to be a part of the event, saying she hoped to “showcase [her] work and be inspired by [her] peers creatively.” Yao read aloud her essay to a crowd of students and faculty in the Hutchins Rotunda, which detailed how her encounter with a family member under the influence of alcohol shifted her perception of who they are. In creating this personal piece, Yao began to reflect on her past experiences. “I realized that cherished memories could be materials for art,” she explained, “this added a personal element to literature [as a whole] for me.” Other than her work, Yao loved Michelle Zhang ’25 and Sofie Keith’s ’25 writing. Specifically, she enjoyed how Zhang intertwined “the power of women with classics, two fields that [she] gravitates to.” Yao also loved the “raw emotions” throughout Keith’s essay regarding body image issues in girls. Reflecting on the overall experience, Yao described it as “an inspiring, fun event that evokes empathy.”