Impulse Show

Catarina Correa ’26 in Arts | May 26, 2024

          Impulse—Lawrenceville’s very own improvisation comedy troupe—presented to us one last show of the year, featuring a performance packed full of fun prompts, entertaining one-liners, and amusing audience input. The show, hosted by Maggie Hammond ’25, was separated into several segments: an animated debate on the topic of a “Squirrel Army” invasion; a heated teleprompting competition involving bickering duo Sneha Kumar ’24 and Sameer Menghani ’24; and a comically astonishing rendition of the tale of a chicken and its farmer delivered by Claire Robbins ’24 and Rehanna Yakubu ’25. Overall, the show was a success, rousing members of the audience with laughter throughout the experience. When asked about her favorite moment of the show, attendee Suzie Nguyen ’26 remarked, “the show was hilarious, and I especially loved Menghani and Emma Marston’s ’25 Gen Alpha humor,” adding that her favorite line was Claire Jiang’s ’24 declaration: “Well, I’ve had rabies!” a statement professed in sympathy for our campus squirrels’s struggle for freedom. Yakubu, reflecting on her last performance with the graduating seniors of the troupe, stated, “Tonight was one of the best shows we’ve done, and I think it was because there was a lot of energy put in by the V Formers, both in the audience and on stage.” “I’ll miss them all so much, and I hope they continue to share their comedy wherever they go,” she reflected.