The First Hutchins Galleries Exhibit: Inside/Outdoors

Sofia Bonilla ’25 in Arts | September 23, 2022

This past weekend, artists Eva Mantell and Joel Beck hosted a gallery reception for their new art installation in the Hutchins Galleries located in the Gruss Center for Art and Design (GCAD). They described their exhibit, Inside/Outdoors, as the result of their ruminations during the Covid-19 isolation period. Their focus on creating the project was to reflect on “the necessitated reordering of the rooms we inhabited when work, school, and studio all piled onto normal home-life. In rethinking spaces, artwork and unconventional materials at hand were combined, leading [them] to realize how painting and sculpture can form zones of activity with panache. [Their] view of architectural spaces—and of inside and outdoors—grew less fixed. Space could be revisualized, spontaneously changed and re-experienced by connecting art, design and environment.” The duo will also host a creative workshop on Sunday, November 25, in the GCAD Flex Rooms to further explore the concept of space; this event will be open for all current students, faculty, and staff.