The Art of Pastries

Louis Park ’26 and Dorothy Lee ’26 in Arts | May 28, 2023

The Gingered Peach, a bakery on Main Street popular for its unique and delectable baked goods, is gearing up for the spring season. As the weather warms up, customers eagerly anticipate another season of The Gingered Peach’s assorted baked goods, from existing favorites to new additions. With the return of the gentle breeze under soft rays of sunlight, The Lawrence caught up with students to discover “GP’s” must-have cakes and pastries.
Every Friday during Consultation period, Rachel Deoki ’25, visits The Gingered Peach, a routine Deoki jokingly describes as “sacred.” She regularly orders the bakery’s soft, moist olive oil cake, a favorite shared by many Lawrentians. “[The cake] maintains a perfect balance between sweet and salty,” Victoria Slavov ’26 explained, reminiscing on her weekly visits to The Gingered Peach during the Fall Term. 
The bakery is also famous for its airy and sweet cinnamon rolls. Samantha Costikyan ’25 savors their perfect cinnamon-to-sugar ratio, as well as the combination of the warm buns and their tangy cream cheese icing. To Braedon Owen ’26, “cinnamon rolls hold a certain sentimental significance” because they remind him of when “[his] grandmother used to make them for [him].” 
Another self-nominated “fiend of cream cheese frosting,” Linley Fletcher ’26 recommends The Gingered Peach’s red velvet cupcakes alongside their cinnamon rolls. “[The cinnamon rolls] are so good,” Fletcher said enthusiastically, “After I go [to the Gingered Peach], I feel a lot happier.”
Named after Gingered Peach’s “tribute to the city that makes,” the Trenton Volcano has always been a first choice for Victor Mongon ’26. The Trenton Volcano is a brioche bun stuffed with pork, spinach, cheddar, and swiss, topped with bagel seasonings as a final touch. The variety of ingredients “make harmony” inside the mouth, remarks Mongon. Moreover, within the busy schedule that often forces Mongon to skip a meal, the Trenton Volcano’s balanced diet of protein, vitamins, and carbs makes it a “healthy replacement meal.” Last but not least, its reasonable price of less than $4 compared to its enormous size made the pastry “irresistible to try.”
Gingered Peach regular Kingsley Du ’26 describes his favorite pastry as the Caramel Crack, a “delicious, soft treat” that bombards his mouth with “sugary flavor.” Du recalls the Caramel Crack as an “absolute paradise.” He enjoys the delectable taste of caramel flowing and flooding his taste buds. Du recommends it to those who haven’t tried this “absolute must-have at the Gingered Peach.”
From sweet to savory, classic to new, there's something special for everyone at this beloved shop. The Gingered Peach will impress all with its creative and tasteful treats. On a warm spring day, consider indulging in the bakery’s heartwarming menu. A delicious dessert will surely "ginger" you, putting a smile on your face.