Meet Me at Midnight: An Album Review

Luke Puricelli ’25 in Arts | May 12, 2023

Since 2006, Taylor Swift has been selling out shows worldwide and rocking the music scene with her stellar songwriting. More recently, Swift has embarked on her US stadium tour, called The Eras Tour, performing songs from each of her 10 studio albums, including her new concept album, Midnights
As a fan of all types of music, I was very impressed by this record, as Swift demonstrates her creativity more than ever on Midnights. On the opening track, “Lavender Haze,” Swift finds a way to describe the feeling of falling in love perfectly, with a catchy pop beat that is ideal for both dancing and casual listening. The third track, Anti-Hero, is a love letter to Swift’s insecurities. However, with an energizing rhythm, the song distracts listeners from its true meaning, making it relatable but still fun to listen to. When the clock strikes 12:00 AM, it is easy for one’s mind to wander to discouraging thoughts; the song” Midnight Rain” explores Swift’s superstar lifestyle as she tells the story of how a relationship failed due to her stardom. Reminiscent of her album Reputation, Swift channels her inner snake on “Vigilante S**t” as she sings about finally getting revenge on those who wronged her. The song’s ominous beat and tone illustrate her anger and fierceness in the face of her enemies. Similar to her albums Folklore and Evermore, Swift and her former partner, Joe Alwyn, co-wrote together. In this album, they created “Sweet Nothing” together, describing their once unconditional love for each other. 
As the standard album of Midnights contains thirteen tracks, Swift dropped seven surprise bonus tracks at 3:00 AM on October 21st, 2022, hours after the album Midnights’ release. On the 3:00 AM edition, Midnights turns slightly alternative, still with her signature pop sound. In “Bigger Than The Whole Sky”, Swift dives deep into a heartbreaking loss in her life and the struggles of moving on from something as devastating. With the same producer from her Folklore and Evermore albums, Swift received help from Aaron Dessner on three tracks on the 3:00 AM edition, including the fan-favorite “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve.” On this track, Swift writes about a past relationship that was tainted due to a cruel lover, a partnership she now regrets. Midnights by Taylor Swift is an entertaining roller coaster of emotions, ideal for listening at night but suitable for any time of day. I highly recommend that you listen to Midnights; whether you are a Taylor Swift fan or not, I bet you’ll soon have this album on repeat.