POW! ZAP! A Look Inside Final Boss Comics and Games

Sydney Wang ’25 in Arts | April 28, 2023

Due to the fast-paced lifestyle of Lawrenceville, students can hardly find time to curl up and peruse a new book with a hot cup of tea in hand. However, now that we (finally!) have two-day weekends, Lawrentians have more time to engage in relaxing hobbies. For many, including myself, reading comic books has always been an enjoyable, stress-relieving activity. Fortunately, the Final Boss Comics & Games shop, located at 10 Gordon Avenue on Main Street, is finally open and ready with an assortment of comic books. 
Before I spoke with the store’s owner, I looked around at his quaint and homey store. The first thing that immediately caught my attention was his collection of figurines—ones that especially stood out to me were Galactus (a legendary villain from The Fantastic Four) and Black Panther (a superhero, also from The Fantastic Four) since I am a huge fan of the Marvel Universe. As I stepped further into the store, I noticed board games on display, each one more colorful and nostalgic than the next. I initially contemplated which Marvel comic to search for, but I stared in awe at the array of choices instead, delighted by the rows and rows of graphic novels before me. 
The owner of Final Boss Comics and Games, Floyd Bennett, opened his shop on Main Street in November, 2021, but has been selling comic books since 2007. He picked up comic books in third grade and has been engrossed in these worlds ever since. Iconic superheroes had a huge influence on Bennett’s childhood; for instance, because he was a huge Spider-Man fan, a lot of Spider-Man quotes became etched into his mind. “He always said ‘with great power comes great responsibility,’” explained Bennett, “it helped me [realize] I should do good things and encourage everyone to try to do [so as well].” 
Oftentimes, comic books are regarded as cheap, valueless entertainment. They are deemed simple and unrealistic, and many do not consider them “real” books. I asked Bennett what his rebuttal to this prevalent belief was, and he told me that whoever came up with the statement “clearly has not read a comic book in a very long time.” Comic books are published in series and have complex—if not profound—plotlines, often even more so than some novels. In addition to all kinds of plot twists, engaging visuals vividly illustrate every detail and illicit a more emotional response between readers and the story. Many stories have truly come to life in comic books and could never have been as successful as they are if they were put into the typed forms of prose or literature; some of the most outstanding movies originated from comic novels, and people often never realize this. 
Having lived in Lawrence Township for seven years now, Bennett has enjoyed his daily interactions with students, faculty, staff, and family members of the Lawrenceville community. He has also collaborated with the Bunn Library and is excited to drop off more graphic novels in the future. New comics come out every Wednesday in his store, and he loves that “people come in and get lost in stories.” So when life gets tough, visit Final Boss Comics and Games and just allow yourself to submerge into the world of comics.