Spring Songs for the Soul

Sofia Carlisi ’24 (Arts Editor, 143rd Board) in Arts | April 1, 2022

“The Louvre” by Lorde
 Few songs capture the feeling of young love like Lorde’s “The Louvre” does. In this piece, Lorde explores how messy, yet incredible love feels, especially during its early stages when everything is new and exciting. No matter how many times one listens to this song, it is impossible not to sing at the top of their lungs due to its combination of scream-able lyrics and a beat perfect for dancing. Conjuring up all the possibilities spring has to offer, “The Louvre” is the perfect song to jam out to on car rides with all the windows down. 

“Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles
After the frigid temperatures of the winter months, “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles is the perfect song to ring in warmer weather. Its beautifully simple melody can put a smile on anyone’s face! This classic feel-good tune reminds us that the sun is destined to rise tomorrow and that better days are always waiting just around the corner. 

“Sunflower Vol.6” by Harry Styles
Just as spring is the perfect time to plant a lovely sunflower garden, “Sunflower Vol.6” is the spring love song. On a list of spring songs, there must be a happy love song (it is a rule). Nothing says spring like the budding flower of love, the kind where both parties “kiss in the kitchen like it's a dance floor.”  

“the 1” by Taylor Swift 
 With the surprise release of her eighth studio album folklore, Taylor Swift brought about an abrupt end to her pop era. folklore, just like spring, represents a new beginning for this talented singer-songwriter. In “the 1”, Swift reflects on a past relationship, reminiscing what could have been if “they had been the one.” Despite this, she holds no malice in her heart for this failed relationship and can look at her past with only acceptance. The spring is a time to accept all that has happened and a chance to renew one’s strength, melting away regret like the snow.  

“June” by Briston Maroney
Even when the weather is bright, there will still be struggles and the need to persevere. In a classic “be careful what you wish formoment, Briston Maroney explains his internal strife in “June.” He realizes that although he has the thing he wants most in the world, his life is still not flawless. Mother Nature may provide a perfect backdrop in the spring, but life can still be messy, and that is okay! 

“Waiting Room” by Phoebe Bridgers
Throughout “Waiting Room,” Phoebe Bridgers describes what it feels like to be hopelessly in love, willing to do anything to make that special someone feel the same way. She is so earnest in her feelings, placing her heart on her sleeve for all to see. The innocence of this song sees its mirror in the springtime like the world is finally waking up again, breathing its first breath of fresh air. 

“REPRISE” by The Lumineers
Off of the Lumineer's latest studio album Brightside, “REPRISE” serves as the finale to an all-around spectacular album. Although the Lumineers are most known for their heartwrenching lyricism seen in “Ophelia” or “Stubborn Love,” this song highlights the versatile nature of the band. By experimenting with tambourines, the Lumineers create a beat that one cannot help but stomp their feet to. We are all “headed for the lights…headed for the brightside.” 

“Jackie and Wilson” by Hozier 
In an ode to the late musician Jackie Wilson, Hozier creates a playful love-at-first-sight story. While intoxicated at a bar, the protagonist of “Jackie and Wilson” meets a woman, and they hit it off instantly. He imagines the life they would have together, even down to the names of their future children, Jackie and Wilson. Often when the weather is cold, we do the same as the man in the song, as we wish for a hot day. This hope for the future gives us a thing to look forward to as we trek through the snow and shiver in the cold.