A Preview of the November Dance Series

Sonia Ivancic ’25 and Angela Yang ’25 in Arts | November 11, 2022

On Saturday, November 12, 2022, the Performing Arts Department will host the November Dance Series. This event, which some may remember as the October Dance Series last year, will feature multiple original dances from the Lawrenceville School Dance Company (LSDC) as well as dances from all of the student-run troupes: Tour De Force (TDF), L-Krew, Suavé, Nachale, Lawrenceville Dance Team (LDT), and FRObeats. Here is a sneak-peak of the show!
TDF, the spirit dance ensemble led by Bailley Georgieva ’23, will be dancing to a Beyoncé song with a choreography described by Georgieva as “all about confidence and power.” For TDF's costumes, Georgieva was going for a “super sparkly red.” After seeing sequined outfits last year in the Kirby Arts Center’s Costume Shop, she knew that “this [was] exactly the vibe [she] was [going to] go for” with the dance. In TDF’s choreography, we will be able to see TDF’s signature move, which Georgieva describes as a “double cross of the hands, then up-down, and then the swivel.” Due to the restrictions placed on the number of dancers each team could have, the limit on rehearsals being only once a week, as well as this dance series being the first time performing with an all-new group, Georgieva stated that “it’s been interesting trying to pull together a number.” However, TDF is “still having a really good time,” and Georgieva “want[s] the audience and dancers to feel happy, empowered, and confident.”
L-Krew, led by Harini Venkatesh ’25, is a hip-hop dance group that will dance to lively songs with all-black costumes that help add to the dance’s power. When asked what the dance's theme was, Venkatesh answered that they wanted to generate an energetic performance that both the audience and dancers would enjoy. Venkatesh also added that the dance includes floorwork, which she is “excited for everyone to see.” As the performance approaches, Venkatesh is most looking forward to “that one moment after [we’ve all] finished the dance and [we’re] walking off stage. That is probably the best moment of the entire performance because you feel so happy and feel so accomplished, like, ‘Oh my God, I just did this, I didn’t think I could do that!’” All in all, Venkatesh is “really proud of the work L-Krew has put in over the past eight weeks” and is “excited to see what the product is.”
As a part of L-Krew, I, Angela, am super excited to be participating in the November Dance Series. This is my first time being a part of a dance team at School. Learning the choreography and preparing for the November Dance Series gave me a few obstacles along the way; as someone with barely any hip-hop dancing experience before L-Krew, it was difficult at first to memorize the dance. I also didn’t have any experience being on stage, as I usually would be backstage as part of the deck crew, so the idea of dancing in front of people was initially very nerve-wracking. But in the end, the practice and rehearsing all paid off. I’m excited to perform in front of a live audience and hear their reactions.
Suave, the Latin and Spanish dance team, led by Ally Calderon ’24, is performing an upbeat dance with the dancers wearing boots and cowboy hats. Suave dancer Isabelle Gonzalez ’25 is looking forward to further “connecting with people on [her] team” during the upcoming week of rehearsals. 
Nachale, Lawrenceville’s Indian dance ensemble, led by Kishori Shah ’23, will perform a vibrant Bollywood number paired with brightly colored outfits. As a member of Nachale, I, Sonia and the team started working as a group at the end of September after tryouts. We met once a week after sports, learning sections of choreography, practicing at home, and then meeting the next week to go over formations and continue learning our song. Each rehearsal spent learning formations and new steps was such a fun challenge, providing quick respite in the week so students across forms could connect and dance, and we have really bonded as a group during our weeknight meetups. These practices culminate in tech week—a week of dry runs, dress and stage rehearsals, and photos for two hours each night the week leading to the big day. 
LDT, the jazz and contemporary dance team led by Corinne Johnson ’23, and FRO Beats, the Afro-Fusion dance ensemble captained by Jessica Peters ’24, are both performing student-choreographed dances that are sure to be spectacular as well. To top it off, the members of LSDC, Lawrenceville’s select, pre-professional collective led by Director of Dance Derrick Wilder, will showcase their talents on stage as well. Their intense practices will surely pay off in the multiple solo and group numbers they present onstage. 
One difference for us dancers is having the Dance Series held in November rather than October. Although tech week, with its intense two hour practices each evening, falls during major assignments week, most of our athletic commitments have eased, so we get a breather before rehearsals. Gonzalez thought that November makes more sense to hold the dance series because students “have a lot more time to perfect the dance,” which makes tech week run a lot smoother than that of last year's rush to finish practicing choreography. Other dancers, such as Nachale dancer Sonia Singhal ’24, disagree. “In October, the dance series did not fall during major assignments week, and we could take athletic exemptions,” she remarked. Nevertheless, Georgieva is thankful for the dance series being in November instead of October because “tech week is right after college [applications],” which she, as a V Former, is relieved by. She added that everybody “gets a nice show right before we leave for Thanksgiving break.”
Whether it be in October or November, the dance series is always a night to remember for those who attend, and this year will be no different. Don’t forget to pop out and watch the November Dance Series to support your peers and have a great time!