Introducing the 2024-25 Crescent and Circle House Presidents

Sienna Soemitro ’26 in News | May 26, 2024

          As the 2023-24 academic year comes to an end, the 2024-25 Circle and Crescent House Presidents have been elected. Over the past weeks, the election process has seen enthusiastic participation from many student elects, each hoping to lead their respective Houses in the following year.

          Newly elected Hamill House President Kellen Fisher ’26 looks forward to holding his position and hopes to reinstate some of the past Hamill traditions. Referencing the legacy of previous house presidents Rohin Dhaul ’24 and Diego Nuñez ’25, he hopes “to reimplement the big-and-little system in the Hamill House so that the incoming [III Formers] will have an [upperformer] to look up to.” Fisher additionally joked, “I also can’t wait for us to not be last place in the house rankings for once.”

          While AJ Diallo ’26 is already proud of the House culture in the Cleve House, he hopes to work to build stronger connections with the Crescent Houses during his tenure as House President. “I hope to bring us closer together by increasing the frequency of Invite-a-Houses and social events with Crescent Houses [such as] co-hosting school-wide events,” stated Diallo. He hopes that fostering close relationships with the other presidents will help him achieve this goal, among many others, to make Lawrenceville better as a whole.

          “I want to be the one who makes a difference,” expressed Kennedy House President Yushi Kamisaku ’26. “I hope to bring that change by working closely with the rest of my House Council and our Head of House Alexander Kocar,” he explained. Aside from improving inter-house events on campus, Kamisaku wants to push for more off-campus events, hoping to “boost the overall House spirit and morale, allowing the House to take a break from Lawrenceville’s busy schedule and just have fun.”
The energetic atmosphere in the Stanley House encouraged Destiny Ortega ’26 to run for House President. She hopes to “give back by representing the House and create a comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone.”

          In her platform, McClellan House President Jael Gaines ’26 focused on “bringing the House together in a place that looks like a beautiful home.” Although she looks forward to adding decorations such as a ping pong table and fostering House bonding through more big-and-little activities, Gaines added that “being a leader is something [she has] always wanted,” and she is most looking forward to leading her house to victory at next year’s House Olympics. 

          Stephens House President Sienna Kulynych ’26 mentioned her hopes of maintaining a positive and friendly House culture. “Being the fourth generation of House presidents in my big-little lineage motivated me to run,” she stated. Kulynych conveyed her hopes of bringing a new, refurbished look to the Stephens porch as well as instituting House study groups and sessions. 

          Kirby House President Wallis Cornell ’25 hopes to keep her House culture spirited and welcoming, also looking forward to getting to know next year’s III Formers. She plans to organize more “House bonding, like playing games at the Big Red Park and movie nights,” as well as continuing the popular traditions of Kirby Music Festival and Kirvalentine.

          Congratulations to all of the newly elected House Presidents! With fresh perspectives and commitments to their peers, they will surely step into their roles as the new ambassadors of their respective Houses.