Faculty Tribute: Greg Buckles

Leo De Giorgi ’24 and Nicole Halucka ’26 (144th Photos Editor) in Features | May 26, 2024

          Having spent countless hours in the Mackenzie Administration Building, I have come to know Dean Buckles as a beacon of positivity and warm energy. Many of you have probably seen him speeding across campus in his dazzlingly tricked-out admissions golf cart and wished: if only I could get a ride. Perhaps you have seen him spectating at one of the numerous Lawrenceville sporting events he attends to cheer on the Big Red teams. Apart from having an iconic vehicle and being part of a power couple with Mrs. Buckles, Dean Buckles is responsible for each and every one of our enrollment at Lawrenceville. Under his watch, Lawrenceville admissions has become increasingl y competitive, drawing in talented scholars, artists, and athletes from all over the world. His Convocation speeches always celebrate the diversity of the classes that he and the admissions department have built; they are a testament to the dedication Dean Buckles has to formulating a Lawrenceville where all of us fit, inviting all of us to Lawrenceville and making us feel valued once we get here. Aside from his magnificent work melding each of our classes, Dean Buckles will also leave behind a legacy of commitment to community, from his famous creation of grilled avocados (a staple of his wife’s advisory dinners) to his many quips that will keep me cracking up for years to come. I wish him well as he moves on to his next adventure. - Leo 

          The first time I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Buckles was during my interview; I was a shy, nervous girl hoping to get the opportunity of a lifetime. This was my first ever interview, and to say the least, it was a little intimidating to be interviewed by the Head of Admissions. But, as soon as he greeted me at the door and I sat down in his office, I immediately felt at ease. All my worries left the room as we bonded over shared niches such as math—his interest in my thoughts and opinions were evident as I rambled on about my life and gushed at the opportunity to attend such a prestigious school. My impression of Lawrenceville was only improving as I conversed with such a nice, caring, and thoughtful person. I will miss seeing his smiling face everytime I go to Mackenzie or every Hype Squad event. I know that he will be missed by many. - Nicole