Faculty Tribute: Gabrielle Lescadre

Nicole Halucka ’26 (Photos Editor, 144th Board) in Features | May 26, 2024

          From the moment I met Ms. Lescadre, I knew I wanted to become best friends. From our silly conversations about Harry Potter and Periwig, to being cast in her show, Puffs, and given the greatest opportunity to work with her, I have enjoyed every moment spent with Ms. Lescadre and am sad that I won’t see her smiling face every day. 

          My advisor was out of town when we were supposed to have our first meeting during II Form orientation, but Ms. Lescadre graciously stepped in. As a new teaching fellow, she wasn’t familiar with the campus, so our group ended up touring her around and showing her the different buildings. She carefully listened to our thoughts and opinions, speaking to us as though we were equals. When I realized then how kind, caring, and supportive she was—a sentiment that only grew with my experiences working with her in Periwig. 

          As both a fantastic director and stylish person, Ms. Lescadre made a huge impact on not just the theatre community, but Lawrenceville as a whole. While I know how awful and unflattering some performance outfits can be, I was confident I would never be given a bad costume with Ms. Lescadre at the helm of costume design. She outdid herself with my latest outfit in Puffs, which happens to be my favorite of all time. The opportunity to work with Ms. Lescadre was a blessing despite the countless rehearsals and practices—giving me little time leftover for homework—the dedicated time only demonstrated how much Ms. Lescadre cared about us. Like the cast, Ms. Lescadre devoted many hours and days to rehearsal and ensuring the show went smoothly, putting her all into the show and displaying her dedication to the production and the School. While Puffs consumed a lot of time, Ms. Lescadre ensured that each hour was enjoyable and memorable —time that we would look back on and miss once the show was over.  

          Thank you, Ms. Lescadre, for everything you have done for both the larger Lawrenceville community and myself. You are loved and will be missed by many.