Athelete Profile: StuCo Athletic Rep Ani Kozak ’23

Adrian Carlisi ’24 in Sports | September 16, 2022

While Lawrenceville offers its students amazing opportunities, any Lawrentian knows that school life can be academically challenging and stressful. The only way to balance everything during a term is by finding things to help one destress. For some, that’s playing music. For others, it could be writing for a school publication. But for many students, participating in interscholastic sports is where they find much satisfaction. Each year, Student Council’s Athletic Representative ensures that students are able to participate, watch, and stay updated with school athletics This year, Student Council has called upon Ani Kozak ’23 as its Athletic Representative. 

To get some background on Kozak’s love for competition and sport, one can look all the way back to when she began playing ice hockey at four years old. All these years later, Kozak has continued to play this sport and is committed to Princeton University for ice hockey. In addition, Kozak joined the Girls’ Softball Team her IV Form year and looks forward to continuing playing this spring. 

When looking into the role she must play on Student Council this year, Kozak recognizes how special her job is, saying, “There are no set rules for the Athletic Representative’s job and I truly get to envision and determine what that role looks like.” While she plans on consistency  through working with her fellow council members and hyping students up during School Meeting, Kozak’s main initiative is simply to be present. Knowing the importance that support from fans can bring to a team, Kozak plans on leading the crowd as a positive and energetic force at as many matches and games as possible. 

Being the first female Athletic Representative since 2019, Kozak feels a mix of emotions. While she is excitedto get to work, she understands that her role has been primarily male dominated in the past and hopes to live up to peers’ expectations. Kozak reflected that “For a person to gain respect, they have to also give it,” and she plans on being present and supportive of every team and player on campus. 

When deciding on games of the week, Kozak looks into a lot of things. The main thing she thinks about is the impact that team has had on the School as a whole. She values the teams that are able to give fans that escape from stress and bases a lot of her decision off of this. In addition, she knows there are so many teams that do not get enough credit and hopes to bring more supporters to these games as the teams truly deserve it. 

Looking at the bigger picture, Kozak claims that “athletics are a part of every Lawrentians’ life” and knows the importance of being able to represent each team to the best of her ability. Lawrentians should expect to see Kozak on the field, rink, and in the stands with constant energy. All students on campus should be excited and thrilled for what Kozak has in store.