Eli Lacey '25: Let's Drive it Home

Sienna Soemitro ’26 in News | April 12, 2024

On Friday, March 29, L10 News premiered the Election Special for the newly elected student body president: Eli Lacey ’25. Lacey will succeed current School President Bryce Langdon ’24. Lacey hopes to drive Lawrenceville forward in his presidency, focusing on discretion in the disciplinary process, utilizing Reach’s community chat, invigorating student-teacher relationships, inviting more alumni voices to School Meeting, and incorporating a driver education program. 

“I felt like I had a good pulse of the School and would be able to represent the student body pretty well,” said Lacey, a member of Periwig, the Boys’ Varsity Wrestling Team, and the Football Team. “I want changes that are easy to implement but would still have a big impact on the School,” Lacey added, ensuring that all of the ideas on his platform will be attainable during his tenure as president.

“The first thing I want to implement is the Reach community chat so that everyone will be in the loop for the events to come next year,” continued Lacey, who noticed that the only form of receiving information from the School was through the House Letter emails and School Meeting announcements. This limitation meant that major events often went unnoticed by many students who rarely checked their emails. Additionally, he plans to work with Dean of Students Blake Eldridge ’96 H’78 ’12 P’25 to implement a driver’s education program at the beginning of the Fall Term. 

“I realized one day  that I’ve never learned how to drive, and I know a lot of people on campus that don’t know how to [either],” mentioned Lacey, hoping to mitigate this challenge while living away from home. He is also eager to start working with the new Student Council, specifically the Vice President of Honor and Discipline, whom he will join in efforts to make the disciplinary process more discrete and private. 

Hoping to promote a prominent campus social life, he added, “I want to keep going with the trial phase of visitation that Bryce just started.” In the Reach app , Lacey also plans to create polls to increase transparency between the administration and students. “Bryce has done great work so far, so I hope to continue what he’s done and take inspiration from him in the future,” he noted.

Though the campaign process was stressful for Lacey, he found joy in speaking to and connecting with the student body. He explained that “the thing that makes Lawrenceville a special place is the community” and is hopeful that he will be able to fulfill students’ wishes this upcoming school year.

“Lawrenceville is an extremely rigorous school, but we can’t forget to keep building up and supporting the people around us,” Lacey concluded. He hopes to leave a lasting legacy at Lawrenceville, creating an environment where students empower each other to succeed.