A Look into Spirit Week

Sophie Cheng ’24 and Charles Potter ’25 in Features | November 10, 2023

        Last week, Lawrentians showed their excitement for Hill Day through Spirit Week, where students were encouraged to wear themed outfits to classes. Student Council picked a unique theme for each school day during Spirit Week, encouraging all students to participate and show their Lawrenceville pride. Vice President of Social Life Grace Chu ’24 noted that their goal was to find themes that would “be the most fun and easiest for students to follow and thus get the most participation.” “I especially had fun posting all the outstanding outfits on the Lawrenceville Student Life Instagram page,” Chu added. 

        Spirit Week kicked off with Pajama Day on Monday. Students could be seen across campus wearing sweatpants, sweatshirts, and flannel pants, with some even coming to school dressed in onesies. Lawrentians jumped at the chance to sit in their Monday classes with cotton pajama pants instead of khakis. “My favorite day was pajama day because it was really great to just come to school and not have to worry about the dress code, be comfortable, and see that most people were participating in the theme,” Mia Kincade ’25 said. She speculated that Pajama Day had the most participants out of all the Spirit Week themes and thought that this participation showed “unity as a school against Hill.” 

        Tuesday, the second day of Spirit Week, fell on Halloween. In celebration of this spooky holiday, students were seen walking to classes in costumes ranging from Barbie Doll costumes to green blow-up aliens. “Walking around campus and seeing all the costumes was really fun,” Aoife Kilfeather ’24 said. Lawrentians from all Forms spent their Tuesday evening donning their costumes and trick-or-treating at faculty housing. 

        Wednesday’s theme was Twin Day, which encouraged students to wear matching outfits with a friend. For Jalen Gravesande ’25, Wednesday was the best day of Spirit Week because he enjoyed seeing his friends “twinned up” and loved how the theme “allowed people to be more collaborative with their outfits and explore their creativity.”

         Thursday’s theme was inspired by the Hill School’s formal dress code, which encouraged Lawrentians to wear blazers along with their regular school attire. Kingsley Hughes ’24 saw “a lot of people going all out,” noting that the day was “an absolute hit.” Blazer Day shifted the focus of Spirit Week more to Lawrenceville’s rivalry with Hill, creating anticipation and eagerness for Hill Day. 

        To end Spirit Week on a spirited note, Friday’s theme was to wear Lawrenceville merchandise. Kosiso Okonkwo ’25 said that Friday was “such a great time for the School to come together in harmony and celebrate Lawrenceville’s premeditated victory over Hill.” “I loved showing my Lawrenceville pride…it just made me feel like we’re all one,” Okonkwo said. 

        This year’s Spirit Week was highly anticipated, and helped raise school spirit and foster more Lawrenceville pride in the days leading up to Hill Day.