2022 House Olympics: And the Winner is...

Mia Kincade ’25 and Sophie Cheng ’24 in News | September 16, 2022

On September 4, Lawrentians participated in the 19th annual House Olympics. To gain points for their House, students competed in a variety of different events, ranging from the tricycle race to the human rock-paper-scissors tournament. After a hard fought competition between the 11 Circle and Crescent Houses, the Dickinson House earned first place, with the Griswold House and the McClellan House coming in second and third, respectively. 

This is Dickinson's first House Olympics win since 2007. House President Eric Han ’24 expressed how incredible it was to be a part of such a historic moment, naming Troy Negus ’24 and Tolu Olatunji ’25 as Dickinson’s “hidden gems,” as they both displayed incredible performances during the hula hoop and tricycle relays. While fostering “the same level of unity and energy within the House” as last year, “the fresh group of guys brought exactly what [the House] needed,” he noted, feeling “at home as [he] engrossed [himself] in [their] rebellious roar.” Although Dickinson struggled with the three-legged race, Han wanted to formally shout out Ryan Ding ’25 and Oliver Clarke ’25 for their hard work. 

From an outsider’s perspective, Hamill House President Rohin Dhaul ’24 emphasized that “it doesn’t matter that [Hamill] took last place and eventually got disqualified. [The House] had the most fun, and that’s all [he] can ask for.” Dhaul strongly believes that Hamill is filled with underrated House Olympic pros. “With talk of another House Olympics later this year…you don't want to see Hamill’s [comeback],” he hinted. 

House Olympics acts as both a fun event to promote community bonding and an opportunity to allow “new students to smoothly integrate into the Lawrenceville community,” Jonathan Yang ’25 noted. 
Han agreed, saying that “it’s the best way to start the year.” He believes that getting to learn chants and developing “a sense of pride in their houses” facilitate close friendships and bonds within the House. 
Students in the Crescent and Circle Houses weren’t the only ones active during House Olympics. V Formers got the opportunity to cheer for their former Houses and participate in the jump roping race around the Bowl, while II Formers gathered to watch upperclassmen cheer for their Houses. Later that day, they also had an Olympics of their own, dubbed the Bowl Cup. Each of the four II Form Houses made up their own chants and competed in events like a scavenger hunt and Jenga. 

Every year, House Olympics gives Lawrenceville students an opportunity to bond with their houses, make new friends, and come together as a community. Whether you’re going into your first year at Lawrenceville or your last, House Olympics brings the community together and offers a bonding experience like no other.