Spring Has Sprung: Sports, Social life, & So Much More

Jackie Williams ’24 and Jane Rubenstein ’24 in Features | April 1, 2022

After enduring another brutal winter, Lawrentians are excited to make the drastic shift into the Spring Term and leave the frigid days behind. With beloved campus-wide events coming up, everyone at Lawrenceville has something to look forward to. With all-around excitement for the new term, students are sharing why this term is their favorite. 

Throughout campus, a change in mood closely follows the change in season. Lawrenceville is solidifying its Spring Term routine: many students are visiting Purple Cow for the first time since the fall, getting adjusted to new class schedules, and enjoying the warmer temperatures. With the exception of a few hail and snow storms, the weather is only getting better, so students are spending more time outside. For Alexis Tarumianz ’22, “the weather is [her] favorite thing about the spring…it’s nice to see everyone having fun outside.” Along with many of her V Form peers, she senses that gratitude and happiness fill the air as they cherish their final term, spending days “reminiscing on past years and making more memories.” The start of spring has also brought on the blossoming of springtime flowers. Tarumianz added that “the campus is so beautiful, especially the cherry blossoms.” 
Unfortunately for many, gorgeous, blooming flowers can be a bad omen. Chelsea Lim ’24 said that she “associate[s] spring with bad seasonal allergies.” Nonetheless, the warm weather and budding flowers have been a relieving contrast from the cold and barren landscape Lawrentians have struggled through the past months.

The return of pleasant weather allows for many of the school's traditional and favorite campus-wide events to commence. With the successful Big Red Gala and maskless dance last weekend, excitement for the rest of the term is spreading throughout campus. 
For Jackie Courtney ’23, last Spring Term was “unconventional” as a result of remote learning. However, the Covid-19 restrictions allowed her to spend spare time outside playing spikeball with friends, which she said made it a “pretty tough term to beat.” With everyone on campus this spring and the seasonal uprising of events such as her House’s Kirby Music Festival, Courtney is optimistic that this year’s festival will be the “best one ever,” hoping that this term’s energy will live up to last year’s. 

While Kirby prepares for its major event of the year, Leo De Giorgi ’24 is enthusiastic for Wood Tea, one of his favorite formal Woodhull House Invite a Friend with tea and hors d'oeuvres.

The rest of campus is eagerly awaiting Splash, which Riley McKibben ’25 calls her “most-looked-forward-to event” due to its intense competition and vibrant spirit. Members of the Dawes House are also looking forward to the annual Freshman Invite-a-Friend while preparing to savor their last term in The Bowl, which will surely be filled with games of Spikeball and raucous II Formers. Lawrentians across all forms are excited for the abundance of opportunity spring has to offer, whether it be the upcoming International Night, a maskless Student Council dance, or even just stopping by a sports game on campus. 

Sports events are set to be numerous this Spring Term, to the excitement of many students. The school is finally approaching normalcy in the spring athletic season for the first time since 2019, so we can hopefully expect some big turnouts! Starting off with spring break training, the crew, baseball, softball, and lacrosse teams all began team practice and bonding prior to the start of the season. 

After attending the baseball team’s trip to Florida, De Giorgi noted that “spring training was a great way for everybody to bond and gear up for the season.” Both Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse and Baseball have already had their first wins of the season against Malvern Preparatory School and The Peddie School, respectively. Wins for other sports are undoubtedly on the near horizon. Students have expressed particular excitement to watch lacrosse games. McKibben ’25 expressed that “Lawrenceville is known for our awesome lax teams, and [she is] ready to cheer them on.” 

Between now and the start of summer there is clearly so much to look forward to for this Spring. Students are excited for the appealing weather, sports, and fun events this mask-optional term will offer. Everyone is expecting this Spring Term 2022 to be one of Lawrenceville’s best trimesters yet.