What Even Is The Lawrence? By... The Lawrence

Claire Jiang ’24 in Features | April 1, 2022

Sonia Singhal ’24
[The Lawrence] is a great place to see student perspectives on [what’s] happening on campus. Because students are reporting without adult censorship, it's really great to get that fresh perspective. The headlines are definitely pretty catching, especially when I'm interested to see how other people wrote about something. If you read The Lawrence, I feel like you’re “in the know.” You’ll take a copy wherever you go. 

Autri Basu ’23 Editor-In-Chief
I first started writing for The Lawrence in my virtual [II Form] spring. I was just kind of honestly looking for something to do. It [became] an activity [for] me to get engaged with the community and see what's going on on campus beyond the normal limits of what I normally do. What’s amazing about The Lawrence is at that we're so open and free, and the fact that anyone who's interested can have their voice published regardless of whether they're a [II Former] or a [V Former], regardless if they’ve never written anything before or they're the most experienced writer, we have so many people here who are available and would love to help get people’s voices published to our community. I really just enjoy the…community and the close friendships that [I’ve] formed with so many people at the School [whom] I [would] never have talked to before…you really make some of the strongest connections you will ever make in your life [after] staying up until ungodly hours trying to finish that last article. There's [this] feeling of shared struggle that is able to bring us all together, but it's because of what we're creating [that it’s] so rewarding.

Brinly Teeple ’24
My favorite section is Features, they’re usually pretty interesting and you always find something that you can’t read every week like Sports. I know that Yewon [Chang ’23] is always grinding. One time, one of the Lawrence editors, Phillip Park [’22] let us into [the] Upper [House] because we had to deliver something so that meant something to me…I love a good pie chart, [and] the Board Picks at the end, I think they're really funny.

Bobby Cloninger ’22
The Lawrence is a really cool piece of school history. I think it's got a really incredible legacy, and [the Board] does a really great job of creating a really efficient publication. Honestly, I feel like all other publications look [to] the Lawrence as the standard of efficiency and productivity… I love reading Board picks, and I'm drawn to the Lawrence by select pieces. People publish really strong interesting opinion [pieces] that seem to support what’s going on campus. For example, Iris [Wu ’23] wrote a piece about Ropes Course Instructors that really made me think. It’s an actual publication, and it's really cool to see how people can be really passionate about it.

Performing Arts Teacher Matthew Campbell
When I think of The Lawrence I think of the word bullhorn; it's the mouthpiece, like the voice and eyes of Sauron. Just kidding! It’s the voice of our students and it makes me think. I honestly love reading it all…when I get a copy of it, I read it. I wanna know, and I love the article work and the inside scoop on our speakers, particularly sporting events. I love the opinion pieces and the kind of witty Board Picks… It's well rounded, so I feel like I know more about my community than I could possibly know, especially because of how separated we’ve been in the past years.”