Spring Choral Concert Featuring The Lawrentians and The Lawrenceville Singers

Mira Ponnambalam ’26 and Charles Potter ’25 in News | April 28, 2023

Last Friday, April 21, The Lawrentians and The Lawrenceville Singers performed in the Edith Memorial Chapel for the Spring Choral Concert. The performance included a variety of songs ranging from jazz to gospel. 
After months of preparation, the two choir groups came together to perform in the chapel. The Lawrentians performed ten songs and were joined by The Lawrenceville Singers for half of them.
 “The concert was a very uplifting performance…It was really nice to see my friends on stage showcasing their talents,” Maggie Blundin ’24 said. 
Sophie Yang ’26, another concert attendee, said that “the singing really resonated throughout the chapel, and the environment helped bring [her] into the music.”
 For the performers, the concert was a culmination of all their practice and preparation this year. In place of a free period, The Lawrentians meet every E period to refine their singing skills, learn and practice new songs, and prepare for school events like the choral concert. “Losing a free period may seem inconvenient, but it is so worth it when we see our hard work pay off,” said Cindy Shum ’24, a member of The Lawrentians. The Lawrenceville Singers, a campus choir group that is open to all students, also rehearse weekly on Wednesday mornings.
“The performance was very special because it was the [V Formers’] last time singing with The Lawrentians,” Shum added. Director of Music Robert Palmer, who teaches The Lawrentians, bid goodbye to the graduating seniors toward the end of their final performance. 
 Several of the V Formers in The Lawrentians sang solos; Soloist Lilly Gessner ’23 described the performance as “an incredibly bittersweet moment,” as it was her last time performing with The Lawrentians. Reflecting on her time in the choir, she noted that she felt “the presence of a strong community and was especially drawn to it” after a period of virtual and socially-distanced learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After these pandemic regulations were lifted, Gessner said that The Lawrentians had “built a community for [her] of some of the brightest and most talented students on campus, and [she] is incredibly thankful to have shared experiences with them.” She encourages future generations of Lawrenceville students to participate in choir groups like The Lawrentians and The Lawrenceville Singers to “continue choosing the magic of singing in the Edith Memorial Chapel.”