Lawrenceville Entrepreneur Workshop

Angel Xin ’26 in News | April 28, 2023

On April 22, Constance Victory Small ’01 presented to Lawrenceville students on entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Her talk focused on the different components of a successful business plan and the importance of branding. The purpose of the workshop was for her to share her entrepreneurship experience with Lawrenceville students, expanding their business knowledge while helping them discover their own unique talents. 
Jenny Zhao ’25 described the workshop as “extremely rewarding, informative, and interesting.” She explained that the workshop covered topics that are “not often discussed in a classroom setting” and introduced her  to financial literacy. Prior to the workshop, she only had a “minimal”  understanding of the tax system, with Small’s presentation also giving her a “fundamental grasp” of the different types of incomes and how credit scores work. Zhao recognizes that having a basic level of financial literacy is “essential” to our daily lives, noting that “actions like opening up one’s bank account is definitely something that most Lawrentians should partake in.” For Zhao, this experience was more meaningful as Small is a Lawrenceville alumni, making her own goals seem more “attainable.” Zhao aspires to be “happy with [her] profession” like Small is. She hopes future workshops will be more “interactive” to better engage students.
Emily Meng ’26 was also able to expand her knowledge of business and finance concepts from the workshop. “I used to resist the idea of becoming an entrepreneur after taking a related course at my old school,” Meng confesses, “But now it’s a field that I want to try.” After the workshop, Meng not only discovered an interest in entrepreneurship but also learned basic financial skills and concepts that she remarked will “be useful in the future.” Overall, for Meng, the experience was “fun” and "worthwhile,” expanding her horizons by challenging her previous views on entrepreneurship.