Discovery Day: Say L-Yeah to Lville!

Sydney Wang ’25 and Angel Xin ’26 in News | April 7, 2023

One early morning of March 29, members of the Lawrenceville community gathered in front of the Kirby Arts Center (KAC) to form the official Hype Squad, welcoming prospective new students to the campus. This marked the commencement of the School’s annual “Discovery Days”— hosted respectively on March 29, April 1, and April 3 this year—whereby the Lawrencevile community embraces prospective students coming from all corners of the world. 
Director of Admission Communications Christine Ding was responsible for organizing the Discovery Day program this year, having organized these events since after the pandemic. Discovery Days were formerly known as “Revisit Days” prior to Covid-19. The name change was due to the variety of online opportunities—which were unavailable in the past—that allowed prospective students to experience being a part of Lawrenceville and learn more about the school without having to visit in-person. After all, the purpose of Discovery Days was to “see [the School’s] community in action.” Ding continued to explain the significance of the discovery program: “Unlike campus tours where visitors see Lawrenceville from the lens of being on the outside, Discovery Days serve as an opportunity for incoming students to experience campus from the perspective of a Lawrentian.”
From as early as 8:30 AM, visitors were welcomed by a student showcase composed of music and dance performances at the KAC. Afterwards, each visiting student was paired up with a student host, whom the Office of Admissions had designated a few days before. The hosts brought their students, often referred to as “shadows,” to two classes in the morning whilst parents were invited to attend consultation sessions that provided information about college counseling, academics, and student life. When the hosts dropped off their respective buddies after classes, parents and prospective students headed over to the Abbott Dining Room for lunch. After lunch, students were given the opportunity to meet with coaches, athletes, and club leaders in the Tsai Field House, where different booths were set up. 
“Being able to meet [incoming students] beforehand, first of all, makes the [prospective students] more comfortable with the school. They can have someone to contact with right off the bat [if they choose to enroll],” explained Robert Lee ’26. He was a host on both March 29 and April 1. His favorite part of Discovery Days was being able to get to know his “shadows” and learn more about their thoughts on his classes. After his conversations with the visiting students, Lee remarked that there seems to be “great potential to the incoming class.” He is “very excited” to see these students take advantage of Lawrenceville’s unique offerings and resources to continue pursuing their passions. 
Likewise, upon receiving an invitation to be a host from the Office of Admissions, Eric Xu ’26 felt ecstatic to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience: helping prospective students learn more about the Lawrenceville experience and what makes it unique. “Being on campus feels different from just looking at Lawrenceville’s website,” said Xu. Although Xu had never toured new students prior to this, he noted that he felt very “excited to take on the role of a school ambassador.”
Ding’s goal with the Discovery Days was for potential students to see the range of opportunities and resources available on campus by, at the same time, introducing them to a current student they can reach out to in the future. “I think the people [here] are incredible, [and] our students are really able to pursue their passions…I’m really hopeful that families were able to come here and engage with our people to see what life would be like for them if they were a part of our community,” she concluded.