Fly, Philly, Fly! Philadelphia’s Newfound Sporting Success

Simran Rath ’26 in Sports | October 21, 2022

The city of Philadelphia is united more than ever now due to the recent successes of the city’s various sports teams. This new era of Philadelphia sports is more than impressive, with the Philadelphia Phillies participating in the Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs for the first time since 2011, the Philadelphia 76ers (Sixers) ready to kick off the basketball season with vigor, and the Philadelphia Eagles boasting an absolutely exceptional win-loss record of 6-0. These successes not only unite Philadelphian athletes, but also the millions of Philly sports fans living in and around the City of Brotherly Love. 
Philadelphia baseball is in full swing this season. After a tough start, the Phillies persevered through difficult games and channeled their determination into winning streaks on the field. Earlier this month, the Phillies worked hard to secure the third and final wild-card spot in the National League, a subdivision of Major League Baseball, guaranteeing their position in the postseason for the first time in eleven years. In their first series, the Phillies swept the St. Louis Cardinals with two consecutive wins. Philadelphian pride only intensified when the Phillies then beat the Atlanta Braves, the reigning World Series champions, winning three out of four games in the matchup. With an unbelievable mid-season comeback, the Phillies not only made the playoffs, won the Wild-Card Series and the National League Division Series, but also claimed a position in the ongoing National League Championship Series against the San Diego Padres. Fans were ecstatic throughout every moment of gameplay, to the point where Fox Sports Reporter Ken Rosenthal received several noise-level warning notifications from his phone at the games. Phillies right-fielder Bryce Harper, fondly referred to as MV3 due to his talent and uniform number, commented that the Phillies “have the best fans in baseball” and reflected that he’s “never heard a stadium louder than that.” 
The newly recruited Phillies manager, Rob Thomson, also described the liveliness of the fans as “incredible,” noting that this energy “helps the players so much. It motivates them. It gives them confidence. It was a really special couple of days.”  The fans’ love for their favorite athletes only improved the Phillies’ performance and mindset, helping forge an unbreakable bond between the two groups. 
Meanwhile, the Philadelphia 76ers are gearing up for another NBA season, looking to make the playoffs for the sixth year in a row. Their absolutely stacked team roster, including top players like Joel Embiid and James Harden, puts the team in a position to continue their recent successes. Sixers coach Glen Anton “Doc” Rivers hopes to match the intensity of the team’s 16-game win streak in 2018 and urges the team to prioritize “better play” in this year’s NBA season. 
Tyrese Maxey, a point guard and shooting guard for the Sixers, feels a deep-rooted sense of appreciation for his teammates-turned-friends. He explained that his younger cousin is fascinated by Embiid and always wants to talk to him. Recently, Maxey told his cousin that if  “[Embiid] answers, I will let you talk to him.” Embiid did answer Maxey’s call and he “[talked] to [Maxey’s cousin] about video games and life for 15minutes.” Maxey remarks that “[Embiid] is precious with his time. For him to take 15 minutes out of his day to talk to my little cousin, I just really appreciate him.”  The unity between these players sparked from the 76ers’ excellent dynamic. 
Joel Embiid also supported his fellow Phildelphian athletes by showing up to the Phillies’ baseball games. These special connections drive athletes from entirely different sports to cheer each other on with respect and friendship. Philadelphia sports brought these two athletes together and built a connection that will last both of their lives. The relationship between the Philadelphia 76ers’ team members is unparalleled. I am excited to see how this sense of teamwork and brotherhood translates into the rest of this new basketball season. 
The Philadelphia Eagles began the 2022-23 American football season with a fervent strength unmatched by all other teams in the NFL. The Eagles’ strong defensive strategy and the players’ talented performance have clearly served the team well; at the time of this writing, the Eagles have won all six of their games this season. This spectacular team most recently faced their division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. The team worked hard to seize the win, ultimately defeating the Cowboys by nine points with their 26-17 win. Describing the crowd as electric is, believe it or not, an understatement. Fans swarmed the stadium in a sea of emerald green, reaching from head to toe. 
Eagles coach Nick Sirianni expressed that the fans are one of the most important aspects of the game of football when he stated, “Man, these fans are awesome. This is such a great sports town, and we appreciate the heck out of ’em. I mean, it was special.” 
Even former Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Barrett called the Philadelphia Eagles “the best team in football.” Sirianni echoed this statement during a recent press conference, explaining,“our greatest motivation is each other.” Fans and rivals of the Philadelphia Eagles alike are excited to see what Philly has in store for the remainder of the football season. 
Despite their reputation as the most rambunctious and zealous fans in America, all Philadelphia sports fans add to the excitement and thrill for the athletes. The mutual attachment to the game and the city forges bonds between very diverse groups of Philadelphia-loving individuals, allowing fans to set personal values aside and respect everyone who appreciates sports, whether it be baseball, basketball, or football. That is the magic of sports—forming a family of thousands from the shared ideals of teamwork, strength, and love.