Judge, Jury, & Executioner: Yankees Star Breaks AL Record

Jael Gaines ’26 in Sports | October 14, 2022

Drafted in the 2013 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, Aaron Judge is an insane baseball player who is aiming for the top. Currently playing for the New York Yankees, his gift made him a unanimous choice for becoming the American League Rookie of the Year in his first season playing in 2017. The Yankees’ general manager Brian Cashman said that “Aaron Judge struck gold with his record-setting season,” raising the price for the New York Yankees to keep their star slugger.” 
Judge’s turning down millions of dollars shows his worth. During his time attending California State University at Fresno, scouts constantly came to see him at his college games. He was so incredible that some “teams would stop what they were doing to watch him take batting practice,” said John Altobelli, the manager of the ​​Brewster Whitecaps. Judge very well could have taken a separate path. Going into college, he had to make the tough call between playing college baseball or football. As he was quite good at both,Judge needed to decide between the two sports he loved. Evidently, Judge chose baseball, and the Yankees are all the better for it. 
In his fifth MLB season, Judge has already hit 62 home runs, taking the record for the most home runs this year and in the American League. Judge sometimes feels as though the feeling of playing in the MLB is not real. Playing in the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry “never really crossed my mind. I thought it would be pretty cool to play here in an actual game one day, but I didn't know that day would actually come so soon,” he said.