A First Look at The Frosh: Get to Know the Class of ’26

Eloise Widener ’26 in Features | September 30, 2022

Etna Morita-Priola
Etna Morita-Priola ’26 is a boarder from Greenwich Village, New York City. In addition to being fluent in Italian, Japanese, and English, she is currently learning Spanish. Morita-Priola loves the winter because she enjoys celebrating Christmas and spending time with her family at home. To get in the holiday spirit, she watches Hallmark Christmas movies, goes to Rockefeller Center, and ice skates in Bryant Park—all parts of a classic New Yorker holiday season. During her time at Lawrenceville, Morita-Priola intends to play volleyball and take classical singing lessons. She is looking forward to partaking in the Rollercoaster Club and the Women in Business Club. On weekends, she has enjoyed shopping in Princeton and hanging out with her friends. While on campus, she prefers to hang out in The Bowl, where she can listen to music and practice playing volleyball. Morita-Priola says that her funniest moment at Lawrenceville so far was during one of her free periods, “when my friends were trying to get rid of bees in the library and knocked over the couch while trying to trap them.” 
Fun fact: Morita-Priola’s mother went to college at the age of 29, and her father only has a high school diploma.

Canaan Williams
Canaan Williams ’26 is a boarder from Ridgefield, Connecticut. He is a competitive member of the thirds soccer team, and he plans to play ice hockey in the winter. During his free time, Williams enjoys hanging out in the bowl, playing spike ball, and chatting with his friends. In the coming year, he is looking forward to participating in The Lawrenceville Business Club so he can learn the skills of an entrepreneur. During the next four years, he also looks forward to taking advantage of the academic opportunities Lawrenceville offers, as well as developing connections with his classmates and teachers. 
Fun Fact: Williams eagerly said that if he were a pasta shape, he would be a bow tie “because [he] is a very classy person.”

Megan Hsu
Megan Hsu ’26 is a boarder from Taipei, Taiwan. She wanted to attend boarding school to strengthen her time management skills and develop more independence. Hsu was eager to come to Lawrenceville because of the use of the Harkness method in classes, saying it “creates collaboration and brings together diverse opinions” During her time at Lawrenceville, she hopes to strengthen her analytical skills in her humanities classes. Another goal of Hsu’s is to become the concertmaster for the school orchestra, which entails tuning the orchestra as a violin player. Hsu is also looking forward to participating in the ski club, as skiing is one of her favorite sports, especially since she has missed out on the opportunity to ski for the past two years. After school, she participates in Lifetime Skating, where she is able to spend time with her friends while they skate around the rink. 
Fun Fact: Hsu’s arrival at Lawrenceville marks her second time in the United States. 

Willem Anton
Willem Anton ’26, another New Yorker from Midtown Manhattan, chose Lawrenceville to expand his academic opportunities, develop more independence, and grow as a person. He also enjoys living in a campus environment and not having a long commute to school. During his free time, he plays water polo, swims, and plays baseball. He is a linguist and is fluent in Dutch, French, and Hebrew, all of which he learned after the age of eight. Currently, he is taking French 3 at Lawrenceville and learning German on Duolingo. During his time here, he is looking forward to partaking in the Language Club, as he wants to maintain his fluency in Dutch, French, and Hebrew. Anton loves to travel and learn about different cultures and their customs. 
Fun Fact: Anton is designing a new LEGO set for The LEGO Group.