Buffalo Bills Von Miller Arrested

Sydney Wang ’25 in News | December 8, 2023

On November 29, the Dallas Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller. The police received an early morning call from Miller’s neighbors reporting a disturbance, subsequently leading to an investigation in which officers discovered that Miller and his girlfriend—whom he had been dating for seven years, and who was also pregnant at the time—engaged in an argument before Miller allegedly physically assaulted her. According to Bills News, the woman said that Miller had pulled out a chunk of her hair, shoved her, and applied pressure to her neck for “three to five seconds Sydney Wang ’25 News Associate before letting go.” An officer took note of bruises and abrasions on her hand and neck that corroborated Miller’s girlfriend’s report. On November 30, Miller turned himself in to the police and was transferred to a local jail, though he paid bond and was immediately released. On the same day, in response to social media backlash, Miller’s girlfriend claimed her words were “blown out of context,” and that the situation had become exaggerated to the point that it was “outrageous” and “insane.” According to a spokesperson for the National Football League, Miller will not be placed on paid leave until he is “formally charged.”